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A South Kamloops Secondary teacher's passion for technology is translating into fun new ways for students to learn.

Lynda Hall is leading the way as the only Kamloops instructor incorporating QR codes, Quizlet and other Android device apps to engage students.

"The kids like it better," said Hall, the school's technology co-ordinator. "You can tell they're way more engaged."

On Tuesday morning, Grade 8 English students were given a poetry quiz to answer then handed Android tablets, provided by the school, and told to point the devices to QR codes posted at various stations in the school library.

The tablet would read the codes and bring up the correct answers.

There's also a flashcard program called Quizlet that's taking off, said Hall.
"I asked the kids, 'OK, be honest with me you guys, who's using the flashcards?'" she said. "And they shot their hands up saying, 'Oh yeah, I'm going to ace this exam. This is awesome.'"

Students all agreed they were more enthusiastic about the approach to learning.

"Using technology is more fun," said Reece Barber. "I think it's better for learning, it's easier."

But some said the traditional method works better for them.

"I learn better with books," said Tre Sales. "It (technology) just kind of gives you the answers sometimes."

"It's more hands-on," said Avery Marshall, "but it's not even studying really."

Hall said the reactions are natural responses to the transition in learning.

"They have to get used to the idea of using the technology to learn rather than just as a game or a toy," she said. "They've been trained to do it from books, which is kind of interesting because you'd think the younger generation would be more accepting. But that only shows that they need to be shown that it's a tool, it's not just for fun."

The skills learned while using Android technology is also sure to apply to adult life, said Hall.

"Technology's the way to go, you can't avoid it anymore."

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