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A Kamloops judge issued an arrest warrant Tuesday for a German doctor after concluding the man has deliberately breached court orders and shirked his financial responsibility to his family.

B.C. Supreme Court Justice Robert Powers ruled Dr. Hans Peter Friedl has failed to pay spousal and child support as required, ignored obligations to provide the court with financial information, helped himself to family assets he was not entitled to and missed many courtroom appearances.

Powers ruled Friedl should be jailed for 60 days for his contempts of court.

It's not known where Friedl is living now. The last word about his whereabouts came via a German lawyer, who sent an email to the Kamloops court registry in June indicating Friedl would not attend the contempt hearing.

Powers said Friedl's absence was simply one more attempt to delay or manipulate the proceedings.

If Freidl returns to Canada, he could be arrested and made to serve the sentence, although Powers stated the man can contest the contempt order with seven days notice.

Family law lawyer Jennifer Keim made the application in June seeking to have Friedl found in contempt of court.

Then, she provided information indicating the doctor owes Carola Friedl and the couple's two children more than $108,000. He has consistently ignored or attempted to delay or thwart a 2008 court order requiring him to pay cash or transfer assets.

As well, Friedl has not provided financial disclosures when required to do so, nor has he appeared in court when ordered to by a judge. He has missed or skipped at least six court appearances since a family court judgment was made in September 2008.

The doctor's career careened off course after he was accused of badly botching several surgeries.

He was suspended from his duties at the university in May 2000. Shortly after, he was charged by German authorities with intentionally causing bodily harm and falsifying surgical records. He pleaded guilty in 2003 and was fined roughly $37,000, according to stories published by the German media.

Friedl also pleaded guilty in Kamloops in 2009 to two counts of impaired driving. He was fined $1,500 on each and ordered not to drive for two years.

The judge in that case was told Friedl's marriage fell apart after he moved to Canada. It was an acrimonious divorce that brought the couple to court as they battled over the couple's extensive international real estate holdings, as well as custody of their children.

Friedl owns land in Switzerland, the U.S., Germany and Canada. He also has business interests in Progressive Air Services, a Kamloops-based flight company.

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