A persistently noisy construction site that caused auditory grief for the neighbours has led to pricier fines for bylaw violators.

City council voted unanimously Tuesday to support a change to its noise bylaw that ups the ante from $100 per violation to as much as $10,000.

City community and safety enforcement manager Jon Wilson said there were repeat offences at a construction site where work was starting too early. The case ended up in court, but the fine limit was still $100 per offence.

"While the City is tolerant, there is a standard" as far as construction sites disrupting neighbourhoods, he said.

Coun. Denis Walsh noted there are some other municipalities that measure the decibel levels of noise being created.

City community and corporate services director Len Hrycan said those municipalities set decibel levels in their bylaws and have staff who go out and measure. Doing that is labour intensive, he said.

The City of Kamloops hasn't gone that route. Instead, the onus is on property owners to come forward and make a complaint, Hrycan said.

It's not developers who have the most to fear from the new, costly fee schedule for making too much noise.

The majority of the 335 noise complaints the City received in 2009 came from barking dogs, Wilson said.

Construction and rowdy parties were also on the list.

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